epitome of perfection

I, too, used to dream about wedding dresses. However, I didn’t dream of a lavish one like the ones from the movies. I was fine with a simple dress. I just wanted to stand in front of the person I love. ”You are pretty.” I just wanted to hear that one sentence.

기다려. 나 다시 올께.

Don’t live like a “Post-it” girl. That’s not my intention. While you’re with me, becoming a trivial insignificant person, that’s not what I mean. Mi Young, you’re a superglue. 

when you meet your idol in a restroom

 ”It was the first time this many people needed me… and the first time they blessed me. And I was grateful to you. You showed up and helped me whenever I was going through hard or difficult times… I was grateful because I thought that was sincere. And I felt relieved that you were the baby’s father. So… I truly wanted to follow you and married you.”

It’s Okay, That’s Love Teaser

ciel’s adorable front desk couple ≧◔◡◔≦♥

jin junghan’s cute confession to yoon dajung