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Anonymous asked: wait, I'm curious, can you please list all from 1-10??

hehe sorry anon but you have to wait until I make them one by one ><

jjanari asked: the heirs, boys over flower, replay 1997, shut up! flower boy band and school 2013

the votes closed :(

but thank you so much for listing your fave..

2 of them definitely on the list ;D

Top ten Korean Drama, as voted by our followers.
#9: I Hear Your Voice

Top ten Korean Drama, as voted by our followers.
#10: Marriage Not Dating

the giraffe is a betrayer even in the ice bucket challenge

"I would like it if you depended on me."
- “I have always depending on you, didn’t you know that? During that time, because I slept on your shoulder and dreamed such a sweet sleep and you gave me the strength to run around all day.”

k-dramamylife asked: Hi, I'm a big Korean fan.Would you follow me, please?

Hi! but this is a sideblog, sorry :3

Anonymous asked: /post/94249713839 for this post, what font/size did you use for the writing? thank you!

calibri/bold italic/size 14 :)